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Interpreting Oregon Law: Good News and Bad News


Good news: Our copy of the Oregon State Bar’s new release, Interpreting Oregon Law (edited by Hon. Jack Landau) has arrived – hurrah!

Bad news: We now have to read it – yikes! (Wouldn’t you really rather read this potboiler?)

But it looks interesting, at least to the bookish amongst us. And it is current enough to include commentary on the recent Gaines case from the Oregon Supreme Court.

Table of Contents:

1) Statutory Interpretation: Overview of General Principles

2) Step-One Analysis: Text and Context

3) Step-Two Analysis: Legislative History

4) Step-Three Analysis: General Maxims of Statutory Construction

5) ORS Chapter 174 Statutory Rules of Agency

6) Interpretation of Statutes and Regulations

7) Interpreting the Oregon Constitution

8) Interpreting Initiatives and Referendums

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