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Oregon and the Uniform Collaborative Law Act


State law school law reviews often ignore their own state’s laws and it drives me crazy. I can’t count the number of times an attorney has asked for an article on an interesting Oregon legal issue that is worthy of some attention, but alas.

Try searching Oregon law reviews and what do you find? Not much, at least not in the past 30 years. But on occasion, an Oregon law review does include an article about Oregon law, either in the making or after the fact, and I’m pleased to blog about it.

(You can also look for other Oregonians who do write about their state’s history: Oregon Authors and don’t miss their Readers and Writers Groups link):

1) Patrick Foran, Adoption of the Uniform Collaborative Law Act in Oregon: The Right Time and the Right Reasons, 13 Lewis & Clark Law Review 787 (2009)

2) The Multnomah Lawyer, Nov 2009 issue (page 10) also has an article about collaborative law, by Collin McKean: “Collaborative Law: A Structured Resolution Out of Court”

3) Boley Blogs does excellent round-ups of their law reviews’ tables of contents, including this abstract.

4) What Oregon “law reviews,” you may ask?

a) Animal Law (Lewis & Clark)
b) Environmental Law (Lewis & Clark)
c) Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation (University of Oregon)
d) Oregon Law Review (University of Oregon)
e) Willamette Law Review (Willamette University)

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