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January 2015 ABA Journal: Pet Nups, UPL, IP for Kids, and Much More


The January 2015 ABA Journal has these articles and more:

Washington state moves around UPL, using legal technicians to help close the justice gap,” by Robert Ambrogi

“It’s unethical for prosecutors to allow debt collectors to use official letterhead, says ABA opinion,” by David L. Hudson, Jr. (ABA Formal Ethics Opinion 469)

New website explains IP to kids,” by Anna Stolley Persky

American Indians challenging eagle feather rules get a boost from ‘Hobby Lobby’,” by Lorelei Laird

Does the UK know something we don’t about alternative business structures?” by Laura Snyder and “The UK’s alternative firms are reshaping legal services

“What’s working for lawyers seeking better search engine results,” by Joe Dysart

Link to the ABA Journal.

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