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Job: Library Safety and Security Manager (and other “Black Belt Librarians”)


Multnomah County has a job posting for a Library Safety and Security Manager.

If you think this is an easy job, or that libraries are places only for dull dogs, think again (and read Black Belt Librarians).

From the job posting (after the closing date of 4/11/14, start from their main website for other jobs with Multnomah County Library):

…. The Library Safety & Security Manager will be responsible for physical, personal and materials security throughout the Multnomah County Library system. Using your considerable experience, you will conduct security assessments, investigate security incidents, analyze security problems and make recommendations for long range solutions which provide the highest degree of security against intrusion and other security breaches, as well as solutions which protect us against materials loss and damage, personal assault, or other potential security violations.

You will supervise the development and implementation of systemwide security policies and procedures, including the application of the Behavioral Rules Governing the Use of Multnomah County Library. You will manage the enforcement of those rules and the exclusion process including training and coaching library staff. Serves as the Director’s designee for exclusion appeals; responds to appeals in timely manner, consulting with Central and Neighborhood Library management as needed. You will also work with the library’s Executive Management Team, other managers, and staff to implement security and safety programs and promote security awareness throughout the system.

As a partner with the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, you will oversee the work of the Facilities Security Officers assigned to library branches. You’ll provide library specific coaching, training, and evaluation as needed, while monitoring coverage and shift fulfillment at our various locations. You will also liaise with local law enforcement personnel throughout the county as well as develop relationships with community groups, neighborhood associations, professional associations, and other key stakeholders….” [Link to job posting at Multnomah County.]

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