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Project SCRUB (Expunging criminal records in Washington County, Oregon)


The Oregon Law Center is a legal aid based program that provides free services to low-income people throughout the state. Project SCRUB provides low-income Washington County residents with legal and financial assistance to expunge their criminal records, helping to remove the barriers that can prevent them from finding jobs and housing. The volunteer pro bono attorney will assist with filling out legal documents and advising clients on the expungement process.

Contact the: Oregon Law Center, (503) 640-4115

(Note: This project has grant funding through June 2014, which may or not be renewed.)

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4 responses to “Project SCRUB (Expunging criminal records in Washington County, Oregon)”

  1. Traci Bailey says:

    Is this program still available?

  2. Paulette Washburn says:

    just spoke with the Oregon Law Center, this SCRUB program was activated through a grant Wa.County received. The grant money is gone and this program is no longer available. Wish someone would remove this site as it is a little bubble popper.

    • Laura Orr says:

      Sorry about the “bubble popper.” (That’s a great descriptor!) I’m a one-woman band with over 3,300 posts and I can’t update even a fraction of the ones I want to update. Maybe one day I can get a Oregon Legal Research Village to help out, but until then …. Laura

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