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Justia Legal Question and Answer Service


Justia Virtual Chase has a free Legal Question & Answer Service.  Answers are provided by lawyers.

This is not the only legal Q & A online (hardly!) – and remember, read the disclaimers.
But we do love Justia for their law librarian services, especially their excellent law library blog feed that saves us a bucket-load of time.  They have other legal blawg feeds, too – whatever rocks your world!
Here is our disclaimer:

Disclaimer: The information provided on this blog is for research purposes only.  We do not provide legal advice, nor do we endorse any person, product, or company.
Disclaimer: It is against state law for library staff members to engage in any conduct that might constitute the unauthorized practice of law (ORS 9.160, 9.166 and 9.21).  They may not interpret statutes, cases or regulations, perform legal research, recommend or assist in the preparation of forms, or advise patrons regarding their legal rights.  They may, however, assist patrons in locating materials or links that would aid in individual research.
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