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Why Legal Outsourcing Doesn’t Always Work: Justice Bedsworth Explores a Culture Clash

The O(range) C(ounty) Bar Association monthly OC Lawyer Magazine, June 2011 issue, brings us another wise and wacky article from our favorite appellate court judge:
A New Kind of Custody Battle, by Justice William W. Bedsworth:
Excerpt:  “… And the adults you see in divorce court are usually going out of their way to be unlikable. I’m afraid with my background, I would have found myself sentencing most of those people instead of divorcing them.(3)
And then who would I have given the children to? “Well, Mr. Gazorninplat, I was going to award you custody, but now that I’ve ordered you incarcerated, I’m afraid I’ll have to give the poor little beggars to your spectacularly obnoxious spouse. Unless, of course, I can find a family of wolves willing to take them in.”(4)
The whole custody thing seems to come up in an unusual context in Chinese courts. According to the Austrian Times,(5) “A Chinese divorce court is being asked to rule on which selfish parent should get custody of their only child—after BOTH of them refused to take him.”
Yeah, I know. How does the Austrian Times, whose masthead proclaims, “We’ve got Austria covered,” report authoritatively on Chinese divorce courts?
I was skeptical, too—although we’ve all been where those Chinese litigants were. Anyone who’s been a parent has had days when they would have refused custody….”  [Link to full article.]
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