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Medical Library Student Internship (Oregon) Opening

A lot of people still think the only prerequisites for working in a library are 1) “you like to read” and 2) the ability to stamp books with checkout dates.
Other than laughing and telling them they do not have the range of technical and specialized skills needed to work in my library or any other library, even for the most entry-level of jobs, I do, sometimes, on occasion, if I’m feeling magnanimous, ask them if they have ever looked at a job posting for even a temporary, student-job in a library – and noticed the skills needed, eg.:
Kaiser Permanente Student Internship
Essential Functions:
• Search PubMed for articles
• Check copyright clearance of articles
• Link item records in DSpace (institutional repository software)
• Prepare files and metadata for inclusion in the repository
Basic Qualifications:
• Course experience in basic cataloging
• Currently enrolled in an ALA-accredited MLS program
• Bachelor’s degree
• Strong attention to detail
• Proficiency with Microsoft Excel and Word
Preferred Qualifications:
• Experience searching the PubMed database
• Experience working with DSpace
• Course experience in advanced (non-MARC) cataloging
• Experience editing catalog records
• Familiarity with Copyright Law
• Knowledge of XML
• Knowledge of Dublin Core Metadata Schema
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