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Justice Bedsworth and the Erratic Judges Tackle the English Language


If you’ve never read about erratic judges, the Australian’s “nuckin futs” problem, and the “Sofa King” in the same article, you just aren’t reading enough legal literature. (Judges and criminal law attorneys have the best stories, with consumer law attorneys not far behind.)

In the July 2012 issue of the OCBA Lawyer, Appellate Court Justice Bedsworth’s “A Criminal Waste of Space” column cheers us up immeasurably with:

“Hobgoblins of a Judicial Kind

Excerpt:  ‘… When last we met, we discussed Australian trademark law.

Specifically, we discussed the decision of the Australian government to allow a snack food company to market their nut products as “nuckin futs.” Some of you—who inexplicably read the entire column while sober—may remember I was disappointed by Australia’s conclusion the first part of this “obvious Spoonerism” had become such a “universal” part of Australian life that the phrase “nuckin futs” was no longer offensive….

Let’s explain how I can excoriate one commonwealth government for being crude louts and another for being priggish bluenoses on the same issue. How is it neither of their opposite rulings pleases me? Then we’ll move on to the MCLE portion of today’s discussion.
There is a furniture retailer in England called Sofa King. They’ve been operating for almost a decade in Northampton. Throughout this time, they have used an advertising slogan which has apparently escaped governmental attention. The slogan: “Sofa King, where our prices are always Sofa King low.”..
.’ [It’s hard to believe, but the article tickles your funny bone, all the way through, so link to full article.]

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