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Justice Bedsworth Pulled Up Short By Love Handles


Justice Bedsworth’s Criminal Waste of Space column (over at the OC Bar Association) starts off the New Year wondering what it all means … at least what converter pumps and fat-nappers are all about:

Fatheads: “Beds is tilting at the windmills of fatuity again,” by Justice William W. Bedsworth

“… I’m also starting to feel pressure to develop some wisdom. That’s what old dudes are supposed to do, right? Develop and dispense wisdom.

But my own epiphany has yet to occur. No flaming shrubberies or celestial lights or buried plates yet. I’m not aware of being a whole lot wiser this year than I was last year.(1)

I’m a little less likely to slam a car door on my fingers or propose marriage to a stripper, I suppose. I guess that’s a measurable improvement, but I’d really been hoping for something a little more . . . I don’t know . . . dramatic. Maybe even Cosbyesque. I thought by this time in my life I’d be speaking in aphorisms, and my children would be marveling at my sagacity….” (link to full Criminal Waste of Space article)

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