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Traffic Week (Oregon): MOVE OVER! (law)


The Oregon State Police website has lots of information on the new “Move Over Law” (2009 ORS 811.147) (effective 1/1/10) including a flyer on the new law and on updates to the new law.

Move over or it’ll cost you.

The Move Over Law (ORS 811.147) states that if you are driving up behind any type of police car or emergency vehicle pulled over on the roadside with emergency lights flashing, you must:

1) MOVE OVER into another lane.
2) If you can’t safely change lanes, SLOW DOWN.
3) In all cases, the driver must try to provide as much room as possible for the emergency
vehicle.” (link to OSP)

They have lots of other flyers with information on new traffic laws, including the cell-phone law and an overview of new traffic laws.

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