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Laughing at the Altar of Justice Bedsworth, the Marrying Judge


For more than you may want to know about judges who perform marriages, but worth reading for the sheer joy of it:

Cash and Marry: Some little-known judicial history from the man who made it,” by Justice William W. Bedsworth:

Excerpt: “…Dave doesn’t do weddings any more.(3) He’s a federal judge now. Apparently the feds don’t do weddings. My understanding is that too many brides object to having two guys in dark suits standing behind the celebrant, talking into their sleeves throughout the ceremony.(4) ….
I didn’t set out to be a price-gouger. I was perfectly happy performing weddings for $150 a pop. For that price, I did more than just show up in a robe and say the magic words. I sat down with the couple, found out how they wanted their wedding performed, got some cute details about them for the ceremony, put together something that suited them and fit within the outline I’d developed, and warned them to practice the kiss.

… This last may seem like strange advice, but the very first wedding I performed, the groom went for the big, swooping, dipping, Clark Gable-at-his-most-urbane-and-sexy kiss, while the bride leaned over for a chaste little tap on the lips. The result was an awkward wrestling match that included a couple holds I just know were not legal, and left the bride looking more like Fay Wray trying to escape King Kong than Julia Roberts embracing Hugh Grant in Notting Hill.

I probably earned my fee for every wedding after that just with the kiss advice. … ” (read full article, from the November issue of the Orange County Lawyer)

(And don’t forget about that Engagement Ring ….)

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