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What is the Law of Net Neutrality? “Making Sense of the FCC’s Effort to Kill Net Neutrality” (Radio Survivor)


Net Neutrality” is not an issue of first impression: there are several decades’ worth of federal statutes, legislative history,  and administrative and regulatory laws, federal court opinions, federal-state preemption issues, and Congressional, political, and campaign finance issues to comprehend – and a rich and long scholarly (and non-scholarly) bibliography to peruse. (You can search: net neutrality bibliography research guides – or variations on that search string – and look for documents on net neutrality from authoritative sources that have been updated regularly.)

This podcast (from Radio Survivor) tackles all of the above in ordinary language, assuming you are a little geeky, a little wonky, and a lot interested in learning how FCC regulations are made – and unmade.

The interviewer is no lawyer and asks common sense questions (that sometimes make no sense – and that’s OK!) and the law professor does a masterful job interpreting and responding to the questions and speaking plain language. They are a terrific team.

Listen to the Radio Survivor Podcast #118: “Making Sense of the FCC’s Effort to Kill Net Neutrality”

By the way, FCC is an abbreviation for the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, a regulatory body.

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