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Legal Newspapers in Oregon


We are often asked about Oregon legal newspapers. The answer depends on the specific question: if one want to post a legal notice, if one is looking for legal jobs, if one wants to track Oregon legal news, if, if, if, ….

The following is an attempt to address most of the “is there an Oregon legal newspaper?” questions, but I’m sure I’ll leave something out for a later blog post.

First things first: There isn’t a “legal newspaper” in Oregon, at least not if one is looking for something like these:

a) Philadelphia’s Legal Intelligencer (and their parent company family of legal newspapers including the New York Law Journal) or the California Daily Journal.

b) The Legal Researcher’s Desk Reference has a complete list of legal newspapers. (And it’s high time for me to order the new edition for my library!)

Second: In Oregon, if you want to follow legal news, you will use a number of sources, but no single one. These include:

a) Oregon Legal Journal
b) Oregon Daily Journal of Commerce
c) Portland Business Journal

d) There are also political, legislative, and law blogs, website news feeds (e.g. Law in the News), and the option to set up your own news feeds, via RSS or your own periodic manual search engine searches like Justia Blawg Search (and don’t forget to Sort (your results) by Date) or by setting up News Alerts, via Google, Yahoo, etc.

e) For other Oregon newspapers, the Multnomah County Library has a list of Oregon state and local News / Media outlets.

Last, but not least: There are people who want to know where to publish legal notices. See if these blog posts are useful:

a) Legal Notices and Service by Publication

b) Legal Notice by Publication

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