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Researching Oregon Employment Law


If you’re researching Oregon employment law, you need to figure out if you want materials on private sector, public sector, collective bargaining, independent contractors, employment discrimination, wage & hour laws, etc.

These are not either/or decisions (though some are). Each person’s situation is unique. You may want consult an attorney who specializes in employment law and who can advise you on your legal, and non-legal, options.

Apart from researching case law, and you’ll need a legal research database or access to your state’s (or the federal) digest to do that, here are some additional legal research resources:

Oregon-specific employment law resources:

1) Book: Knowles, “Oregon Employment Law

2) Book: “BOLI Wage and Hour Laws: A Handbook for Oregon Employers

3) Online and book: Oregon Employment Relations Board (see also Public Employer Collection Bargaining Reporter (and Digest))

4) Book: Oregon State Bar “Employment Law” for public and private sectors

5) Online: Oregon Bureau of Labor & Industry (BOLI) (see also Resource Links)

6) Online: Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS)

7) Online: Legal Aid Service of Oregon (LASO) employment law resources

8) Online: Oregon State Bar Information and Referral

General (not Oregon-specific) Employment Law Research Resources:

1) Nolo Press books (and online materials) on employment law

2) “The Lawsuit Survival Guide, A Client’s Companion to Litigation,” by Attorney Joseph Matthews, Nolo Press

3) Check at your local public library or bookstore for more.

Oregon Employment Law Blogs:

A number of lawyer blogs (aka blawgs) discuss Oregon employment law topics. You can use Justia Blawgsearch, e.g using the search words Oregon employment, employee, etc. (you decide what you are looking for). Don’t forget to “Sort by Date,” after you get your results.

Here are other Oregon employment law (or related) blogs:

1) Oregon Labor Law Blog
2) World of Work Law Blog
3) The Oregon Legal Research blog has posts on some aspects of Oregon employment law.

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