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LegalLinks from OSB: Small Claims, Animal Law, Legal Myths, and MORE


If you haven’t tried out the streaming video at the Oregon State Bar’s (OSB) website, now’s the time to make yourself comfortable and settle in for 30 minutes of some good old fashioned law-learnin’. Think how much smarter you will be afterward!

Topics include animal law, small claims, landlord-tenant law, police stops, charitable giving, legal assistance for military personnel, consumer bankruptcy, immigration law, bicycle law, and MORE.

There are no bells and whistles with these videos, and you might need some coffee or tea to give yourself a boost, but you will be so much wiser after listening to these. And they are only 30-minutes, which I know is a lifetime in this world of 25 second u-tube moving pictures. But lower your heart rate, live longer, impress your friends, your dates, your parents even!

Visit LegalLinks, sit back, and get smart.

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