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Statutes of Frauds in Oregon


I haven’t posted lately any of our law library’s reference questions. Here is one and others will follow:

Where do I find the statute of fraud?

1) If you are asking out of curiosity:

Statutes of frauds are laws that specify when contracts must be in writing. An Internet search will give you basic information, e.g. at wikipedia.

In Oregon specifically, you will find references to various statutes of frauds in the Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS). Use the online index to the ORS to locate which section you need or you can look in the print edition, available at many public libraries. Further research into how those laws are applied can be done by looking at the annotations to the statute. These annotations are in the last volume of the ORS.

There are other resources for researching statutes of frauds, most of which you’ll find in public law libraries.

2) If you have a legal problem that may involve the statute of frauds:

Please speak to an attorney. You may visit your local law library to do some research and prepare yourself to work productively with an attorney, but please, speak to an attorney. You may use this guide to How to Find a Lawyer in Oregon or contact the Oregon State Bar (OSB).

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