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Liability for Lawyer Referrals in Oregon


Law librarians never make referrals to individual lawyers. Never. Never. Never. But, others can and do. Lawyers do and can, friends can and do. (And the best bartenders often have the best recommendations – they hear it ALL – but you still have to check the attorney’s bona fides!) The Oregon State Bar (OSB) Referral and Information Service can and does make referrals to individual attorneys.

The latest (Vol. XXV, No. 4, October 2008) issue of the newsletter from the Estate Planning and Administration section of the Oregon State Bar (OSB) has the following article:

Liability for Referrals to Other Lawyers,” by Tim McNeil, of Davis Pagnano & McNeil, with a discussion of the tort of negligent referral, joint venture/join liability, the Oregon Rules of Professional Conduct, and how to limit liability.

(The useful newsletters from OSB Sections are not well-indexed so I try to highlight some of their articles when they land on my desk/top. Only past issues are online for some of these newsletters (and others have their current issues online), but you can contact your nearest law school or county law library (see sidebar for links) and ask to see a copy for those in print only.)

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