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Librarians on Traveling and Leaking (Information)


Librarians tend not to get their whatsits in a twist when it comes to information leaks. Maybe because leaks, censorship, privacy, and related issues are things we think about and deal with every week, every year, decade, century, in our libraries, our databases with patrons’ personal information, with literature, with book-buying, with library boards, parents, etc.

1) Unshelved Librarians (from 12/7/10)

2) You can also find a link to a Gallagher Law Librarian blog post on:

What laws did Wikileaks break?”

3) Maybe another reason we stay relatively calm around “leak situations” because a lot of librarians are more worldly or open-minded (nothing much stays in there, anyway?) than the average person through reading and traveling widely: Speaking of which, here is some good travel advice: “Mick Visits the Holy Lands

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