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Lost Census Forms?


Heaven knows I’m no conspiracy theorist and this is not a conspiracy theory post, but I am wondering if a bag of mail (so to speak) containing Census forms was lost recently.

I’m not the only person in my small circle to be visited by a Census worker who says they never got my (our) completed Census form. Yes, we did complete them (and it couldn’t have been easier to complete) and yes, we did mail them.

I’m happy to provide the Census Bureau with the information; after all, I too want for my growing region better roads, public transit, hospitals, schools, parks, libraries, broadband, sewers, and maybe even another legislator.

But why so many missing completed forms? Or maybe statistically it is ok and it only appears as if a lot are missing and that our forms aren’t really sitting in some mail truck lost in space. Coincidences do happen and not all clusters are meaningful.

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