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Oregon Writs of Mandamus


Do you need to research Oregon writs of mandamus?

(Related search-words to use when researching writs generally: original jurisdiction, writs, petitions, injunctive relief, mandamus, habeas corpus, quo warranto)

Consult the following primary sources, but take a look also at 1 & 2 for some useful guidance:

1) “OSB Civil Pleading and Practice” manual (looseleaf), which has an entire chapter, including forms, on Writs of Mandamus

2) “OSB Appeal and Review,” chapter on Jurisdiction of Oregon Appellate Courts for information on the court’s constitutional and statutory sources of original jurisdiction

Primary Sources (use indexes and above sources for specific section cites):

Oregon Constitution (Article VII)

Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) (Chapter 34.105 et seq.)

Oregon Rules of Appellate Procedure (ORAP) (Rule 11.05 et seq.)

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One response to “Oregon Writs of Mandamus”

  1. Ronald Vrooman says:

    Article VII original is valid amended is bogus and you all know it. Are you folks bogus also? I sent this to all the powers in judicial government in Oregon.

    To whom it may concern,

    It seems that ORS 180.060 is unavailable to an Oregonian; only to the select few listed most of whom I wish to charge with misdemeanors or felonies. I formally ask and have asked Rep. Barker to make these moves for me. He is a marine with an oath.

    ORS 1.050 the only speedy trail statute on the books is denied me. Again I need to be one of the selected to access the law. Same with 1.025.

    ORS 236.030 and the Governor wants to appoint a suspected follower of islam. Totally against the law and the 1st amendment does not apply in Noors favor.

    ​ORS 156 I was refused the opportunity to file misdemeanor charges against the DA and circuit court judges today by justice court judge james shartel. File a writ of mandamus on me if you don’t like it.​ I need the DA to ok charges against his staff, and the presiding judge of Washington county.

    Three Oregonians have been denied their pre-trial conference, it was in the color of law.

    Class action on ORS 1.050; 1.025 and pre-trial conference seems another, in addition to, opption. Not to forget Article VII. I won’t.

    Does this appear to be rigged?

    I have a list 13 item long for Jeff Barker; 8 instances of wrong doing by d. charlie bailey; several against members of the DA, you folks appear to protect each other and write the rules to inhibit an Oregonian from justice. I shall persevere. I like 1st amendment petition for redress with lots of publicity.

    My bride of over 30 years and I are now divorced; I quit claimed by interest in our home . I am 76 single only have SS and a 90 Volvo. Molon Labe anyone.

    Ron Vrooman sovereign Oregonian

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