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Love the One You’re [Working] With: Solo Practice of Law


I really like this post at MyShingle about how you sometimes can’t know what you are capable of, or what you will like or not like, until you find yourself having to do it. It seems to go without saying, but it doesn’t! We know this is true of food (just taste it, please), sports (just play a little), avocations (mustard of the month, anyone?), but it is also true of work.

Excerpt: “… In my own case, when I started my firm I was a recluse. I never ate lunch with co-workers, preferring the privacy of my closed office. I chafed at the thought of company picnics and social activities where I’d be consigned to idle chit-chat and would never have taken the initiative to call someone up and invite them to lunch. Frequently, I’d grow bored with work and have trouble following through and I was careless with my proofing.

Yet something about starting a firm changed me. Instead of running from company or dreading social or networking activities, I embrace them. I take pride in my work and serving clients in a way that I never felt when I worked for others. I am a completely different person and lawyer (not to mention generally, a far happier one) than the one who reluctantly started a law firm 15 years ago for want of anything better. And it’s solo practice that changed me, not the other way around….” (read full post at MyShingle)

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