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Justice Bedworth Reaches a Certain Age with Definite Misgivings


Justice Bedsworth, of the California Court of Appeals, returns with his, not to be missed, column in the Orange County Lawyer Magazine:

It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding): ‘After 28 years of filling this space, Beds suddenly notices he’s aging,’ by Justice William W. Bedsworth:

I have gone gently into the good night of geezerhood. I’m not sure exactly when it happened. At some point, apparently while my attention was diverted, I went from being “The Kid”(1) to being “Acting PJ.” That’s like going to bed Warren Zevon and waking up The Werewolf of London.

It’s not like the age thing snuck up on me. Two years ago, my birthday breakfast was served under a banner my wife had hung in the kitchen: 59, Gateway to the Wild Embellishment Years….” (read full essay)

Previous Bedsworth tales of woe and law can be found at May it Please the Court.

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