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ORS 153.058: Citizen Initiated Citations in Oregon


For those of you tracking citizen’s arrest cases:

Oregonian article: Parking-law bulldog drops a case: Citizen citations – Attorney Eric Bryant ticketed officers in prohibited zones, May 02, 2009, Aimee Green:

Excerpt: “An attorney who sparked a widespread debate about whether police officers who aren’t responding to emergencies need to follow parking laws has dropped his latest fight.

Eric Bryant, who wrote three citizen-initiated citations last year, asked a judge to dismiss the latest ticket against Portland police Officer Chadd Stensgaard for parking next to Central Precinct in a space marked “Government Vehicles Prohibited.” Bryant said he has moved to southern Oregon because he tentatively has been offered a job as a deputy prosecutor.

The case against Stensgaard had been scheduled to go to trial this week. Bryant said he took flak from some in the public who thought he was picking on police. But Bryant said he hopes more citizens use the little-known law, Oregon Revised Statute 153.058, to fight wrongs they see, such as drivers who speed through neighborhoods.…” (read full article)

ORS 153.058 Initiation of violation proceeding by private party reads in part (and see also ORS 153.048): “(1) A person other than an enforcement officer may commence a violation proceeding by filing a complaint with a court that has jurisdiction over the alleged violation. The filing of the complaint is subject to ORS 153.048. The complaint shall be entered by the court in the court record.
(2) A complaint under this section must contain ….
“(read full statutes)

Previously blogged about September 3, 2008.

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