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Make the Most of Your Time in Oregon Small Claims Court


The Clackamas Review wrote a great story about our small claims court programs generally (see video) and the Clackamas County Small Claims Court Program specifically!

“Make the most of your time in small-claims court,” by Raymond Rendleman, Clackamas Review, June 9, 2014

Excerpt: “Jennifer Dalglish, the Clackamas County law librarian is dedicated to providing equal access to legal information and legal-research assistance to all citizens, so she is always looking for new and improved ways to do so.

When Laura Orr, the Washington County law librarian, created the small-claims presentation in Washington and Multnomah counties, she reached out and asked if Clackamas County like to host the program too.

Since Dalglish and Oregon City Library Director Maureen Cole had been talking about collaborating on a program for some time, they thought this was the perfect opportunity. Small-claims court is an especially interesting and relevant area of law for everyone – legal professionals and general citizens alike. Since attorneys rarely represent clients in small claims court, there is a great need for information in this area….” [Link to full article.]

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