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Metro (Oregon) Regional Illegal Dumping Patrol


For your inner-detective/sleuth … bet you didn’t know this could be a career – and maybe a darned interesting one for some!

Metro’s Regional Illegal Dumping Patrol

Metro’s RID Patrol tackles the problem of illegal dumping in multiple ways: cleaning up dump sites, investigating evidence found at the dump sites, issuing citations to the guilty parties, investigating haulers that are illegally dumping and working with communities that need education and help to reduce dumping in their neighborhood.

Alert the RID Patrol

Watch for and report illegal dumpers. Write down license plates and other identifying information. You can report online or by calling Metro Recycling Information at 503-234-3000.Report illegal dumping online….

The dangers of illegal dumps …

Beware of “freelance” haulers …”
More from the RID Patrol website.

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