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What Peanut Paste (butter) Recall?


I still run into people (parents! yikes!) who say,”what peanut paste (or butter) recall?” Duh.

** FDA website and here and here.

** CDC website and here and here.

Maybe we still need paper boys (and girls) running through the streets shouting out headlines: PEANUT PASTE RECALL! READ ALL ABOUT IT! DON’T EAT YOUR PEANUT PASTE!

In any event, don’t eat products with peanut paste in them without doing a little homework. Yes, some products are still ok, but please, do a little reading first. Salmonella isn’t fun and it could even be deadly. But it may not be necessary for you to go overboard either and throw out that organic crunchy peanut butter with those peanut cheese crackers (which probably do need to go).

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