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Mrs. Bedsworth Tackles the Hospital Clowns – and Wins


Mrs. Bedsworth goes on a Hospital “Sign this Form Before We Even Talk To You” Rampage, as told by Justice Bedsworth in Criminal Waste of Space column in the OC Lawyer Magazine:

Send in the Clowns, June 2010:

Excerpt: “… After awhile, I just stopped reading them. Like most people, I want fast treatment more than I want a good forum, so I now skim the form and sign it. Someday an unscrupulous dentist will probably hold a quitclaim on my house.

My wife, on the other hand, approaches arbitration agreements the same way she approaches snakes she comes across hiking in the canyons: She is determined only one of them will come out alive, and utterly convinced her bite is worse than theirs.

Kelly takes no prisoners. She not only refuses to arbitrate, she demands a jury trial before a panel of plaintiffs’ attorneys. She crosses out provisions in the form, writes in her own, adds codicils and appendices, and pretty much agrees to nothing other than her willingness to stop suing when the doctor proves he is out of money and has no solvent living relatives.

When it comes to arbitration agreements, Kelly is not so much an attorney as a flame-thrower….” (Link to full article in the OC Lawyer Magazine.)

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