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Multnomah Law Library in Portland, Oregon


The Multnomah Law Library website and phone number: 503-988-3394

The Multnomah Law Library located in the County Court House was incorporated in 1890 as a subscription library by a group of Multnomah County lawyers. Today it is a non-profit corporation on contract to the County to provide law library service for the County’s legal community, and officials. It is also open to the general public….” (Link to website, click on “Law Library” tab, and find history, hours, etc.)

Link to the Multnomah Bar Association.

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2 responses to “Multnomah Law Library in Portland, Oregon”

  1. Randy Perkins says:

    I need a copy of a Workers Comp board opinion from Van Natta’s – prior to when the WCB started posting the opinions. Specifically, In re Falconer, Van Natta 95-06207. Can you help?

    • oregonlegalresearch says:

      Randy: I’m sure one of the Oregon county law libraries can help you find a copy of this case. Visit to find the law library nearest you. Laura

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