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New Legal Research Guide – Disability Law


We have a new legal research guide, Disability Law, available on the law library’s website. The new legal research guide provides resources on a variety of disability law-related issues including ABA, ADA, disability rights, and employment rights. In related news, a proposed bill impacting the rights of disabled children in public schools, HB 2939, has been introduced to the Oregon State Legislature. The following is a brief synopsis of House Bill 2939 from the bill’s summary:

“Prohibits use of mechanical restraint, chemical restraint or prone restraint on student in public education program. Allows use of physical restraint or seclusion on student in public education program under specific circumstances. Describes procedures to be followed if physical restraint or seclusion is used. Requires preparation of annual report related to use of physical restraint or seclusion. Directs Department of Human Services to approve training programs in physical restraint and seclusion.”

You can read more about House Bill 2939 in this recent article from The Oregonian.

Other bills regarding persons with disabilities being considered in the 2011 session include, but are not limited to: House Bills 2315 and 2582, both dealing with the Elderly and Disabled Special Transportation Fund; HB 2100, modifying the state services provided to persons with developmental disabilities; HB 2600, codifying the Staley settlement agreement; HB 3526, codifying the Staley settlement agreement and dealing with developmental disability services; SB 49, modifying services provided to persons with developmental disabilities; and SB 111, creating a state-wide audio newspaper service for the blind or print disabled.

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