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New Oregon Legal Research Website


We’re pleased, and very excited, to announce that our new, collaborative, Oregon county law libraries Oregon Legal Research website went live last week.

And what a journey it has been, with the generous and nurturing (and pro bono!) support from the best friend public law librarians ever had, Justia. It’s been a long and interesting journey, which we’ll write up one day soon – and post to the website, but not until the journey is complete.

In addition to continuing work on the website, note that the new WordPress Oregon Legal Research Blog won’t go “live” until the current Blogger Oregon Legal Research blog is fully migrated to WordPress. We still have lots of librarian work to do on it (taxonomies, oh my), but again, we bow down willingly and gratefully to Justia‘s patient and skilled teaching and technical staff. They create miracles that make us look good, really, really good.

Here are links:

Oregon Legal Research homepage.
Oregon Legal Research blog (the blog is still a Blogger blog, but this URL will travel with the new WordPress blog)

I wish also to give a warm thank you to Stu, of Stu’s Views, for permission to use his cartoons. You can see our first selection at our About Us page.

The Oregon website team includes me (Laura Orr, Washington County Law Librarian), Holly Gerber (Washington County Assistant Law Librarian), and Jennifer Dalglish (Clackamas County Law Librarian). But, especially Holly, who kept cool and calm while doggedly adding content, resolving grammar-wars, and in every other way being the website’s and my rock and laugh-maker. Thank you, Holly!!!

Last, but not least, this new website is not a replacement for our respective, and official, Washington County and Clackamas County law library websites.

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