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Oregon Mobile Home Owners and Renters


Did you know there is an Oregon State Mobile Home Ombudsman? There is tons of information at their website and a toll-free number to call if you have more questions. Wowsers!

There is also a Manufactured Housing / Oregon State Tenants Association (MH/OSTA), also with loads of useful information. Double-wowsers!

Mobile home park disputes can also involve contract, criminal, public and personal records, estate, contractor, land use, local, and many other Oregon legal subjects.

Oregon landlord-tenant resources may be of some limited use – note that mobile home laws are different from Oregon landlord-tenant laws so expect a referral rather than an answer to your specific mobile or manufactured home question.

Last, if you need a lawyer, the Oregon State Bar has a lawyer referral service.

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7 responses to “Oregon Mobile Home Owners and Renters”

  1. Barbara Stevahn says:

    If your evicted from a mobile park,can a manager keep refusing applicants who want to buy your mobile home , and as long as you pay space rent , how long do you have to sell your mobile home.

  2. Debra Mcnatt says:

    My 2 grown kids got into a fight on my patio. I had already had everything under control when our mobile park bully came screaming at my kids to get off the mobile park property and pushed me in my house slammed my door shut and escorted them off the property. Then landlord came over mad because of screaming which was the park bully. I told my 2 kids to stay off my property and I personally tresspassed them. The landlord turned and told me to get off proprty. I said I own my home here I pay space rent here I don’t have to leave. The bully neighbor stood thete in front of landlord and told me I was crazy. She called police they heard what happened and told my kids to leave. The bully neighbor Jean demanded they take my daughter to jail and nothing was her fault. They took my daughter to jail then let her go. The managers hete continue to let Jean be a loud mouth bully to everyone. Not very many people like her and complaints have been made but nothing ever done. I’m not well. I’m scared to be outside when shes out cause she calls names across the street at me foul names. I can’t afford to move I only live on 700.00 a month. I don’t drive. What can be done. I am desperate and worried about my safety and losing my home.

  3. Tammy says:

    Can a land lord change the space line between two homes and give it to the new tentant. We had this yard space for 28 years. They want to cut down 2 trees that we planted 28 years ago that marked the boundary of the Yard from his markings

  4. Chris clark says:

    If I own my manufactured home in a manufactured home community and rent the space can I rent a room to someone and still living there (not necessarily subleasing) just getting a roommate is this ok with permission of space owner and is there a limited time I can rent my spare room to said roommate. Thank you for any info.

  5. Cathy says:

    I have lived in a space for 16 years. the new park owners are trying to update everything and bringing new manufactured homes into the park for sale. They handed out evaluation/ to do lists to all the tenants in the park and gave us 60 days to make the improvements. Some of which are very costly. Can they do this?

  6. Ra says:

    I sold my two mobiles in a park in oregon in 30 minutes. Buyer gave me a deposit on sale and we signed a sales agrrement for total contingent on park acceptance policy.The managers under the direction of owner did everything possible to block the sale of the units including telling them info about required improvements and telling buyers they cant give me money. They were so rude to buyer they wanted to back out . in the end I was forced to take a 6000 less than our sales.agreement. I thpught there was a statute in Oregon that prohibited landlords from interfering in a sale

  7. Barbara says:

    I rented a space in a senior park 5 months ago. Zero dollar required for deposit. Now management wants to redo all leases and charge a 250 Dollar deposit. Is this within their legal rights?

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