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New(ish) Copyright Organization: Center for Copyright Information


As if copyright wasn’t complicated enough, we have a new organization (since Sept 2011): Center for Copyright Information

You can read about them, their FAQ, and their Facts.

If it wasn’t such a fascinating, aggravating, and historically curious topic, I would probably just add copyright to my list of dogs-breakfast topics. But if you are brave, wise, and have the patience of Job, Siddhartha, and Nelson Mandela all rolled into one magnificent being, I highly recommend copyright as a subject to conquer, not unlike colonizing other planets and wars to end all wars.

Sadly, you might have to go to law school to become a true, or credible, copyright expert, but I actually do recommend law school even, especially, if you do not want to become a practicing lawyer. Conversation in the public information commons and the public square might be improved if more people understood how laws were made – and how to change them.

Notice how this blog post has become just another plug for civics education and the excellent Classroom Law Project!

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