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Non-Lawyers Authorized to Assist Self-Represented Litigants in Washington State


On June 15, 2012, the Washington State Supreme Court adopted a new rule:

APR 28, entitled “Limited Practice Rule for Limited License Technicians”

You can link to the text of the new rule and the final order from:

“Supreme Court Adopts Rule Authorizing Non-Lawyers to Assist in Certain Civil Legal Matter”

Olympia, WA June 15–With a goal of making legal help more accessible to the public, the Washington Supreme Court has adopted APR 28, entitled “Limited Practice Rule for Limited License Technicians”. The rule will allow non-lawyers with certain levels of training to provide technical help on simple legal matters effective September 1, 2012….” [Link to full news release.]

Link to additional Washington State Courts information, including their excellent Media Guide (2009 update, as of today).

See also California’s licensed legal documents assistants, information from CALDA , Sacramento County Law Library, and the California Department of Consumer Affairs.

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