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Oregon Appellate Court Briefs: New Rules: Font Size and Word-Limits


If you plan to file in the Oregon Court of Appeals:

June 2, 2010, Media Release

NOTICE: EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2010, ORAP 5.05 is amended.

For cases in the Court of Appeals in which the notice of appeal (or other initiating document) is filed on or after July 1, 2010:

1) Briefs must use 14-point type (for proportionally spaced type).
2) Opening, answering, or combined briefs shall not exceed 10,000 words and reply briefs shall not exceed 3,300 words. (These limits are intended to be roughly equivalent to 35 and 10 pages respectively, using the permissible type styles and previously acceptable 13-point type size.)
3) Briefs must include a certificate of compliance with brief length and type size requirements.

For more information, including alternative brief length limits for those without access to word processing systems and a sample of the required certificate, please visit “Temporary Amendments to ORAP 5.05 et al” (or at

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