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Oregon: Burrito Assignment of Error Case


It’s only a matter of time before someone asks about “the burrito case, you know, the ‘ultimate fighting’ case.”

This might not be the only Oregon burrito, ultimate fighting case, but if anyone asks, start here: 

Oregon Court of Appeals: State vs. Debuiser, A145479 (decided April 4, 2012)

Assignments of error and compensatory fines (under ORS 137.101)

“.... Defendant entered a grocery store, placed two burritos in his pockets, and left without paying for them. Two store loss-prevention employees, one of whom is the victim in this case, confronted defendant in the store’s parking lot and, when defendant refused to surrender the burritos and return to the store, the victim attempted to restrain him. A fracas ensued, and defendant attempted to place the victim in a hold that he had seen on a televised “ultimate fighting” competition. Defendant’s tactic failed, and he was subdued by the employees. For that conduct, defendant was convicted of third-degree theft and harassment….” [Link to full case.]

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