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Oregon Code Enforcement: Weeds, Noise, Parking, Unsafe Buildings, and other Complaints


If you want to report a local “code enforcement” problem or file a complaint, you need to figure out where to file the report.

This will depend on:
1) the type of complaint: private, public, noise, parking, etc. and
2) who has jurisdiction: that is, which government or private entity is responsible for the problem and which entity can help you fix the problem. Sometimes a problem needs both a private and a public solution.

For example, if the problem is in Washington County (Oregon), you can visit the county’s website, visit the Sheriff’s Code Enforcement website, or you can search online, e.g. sample search string: Washington county Oregon traffic signals complaints

In other cities and counties, start with your local government’s information office; they can direct you to the office that oversees the problem or direct to you to alternative dispute resolution resources.

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