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Oregon Condo Owners and Homeowner Association (HOA) Members: 10 Teachable Moments!


1) Do you know what your Condo Management Association is up to?

2) Maybe you are Condo Management and want to know what you should be doing.

3) Maybe you’re thinking about buying a condo and want to hear about HOA rights and responsibilities.

Smart people love Forums and Meetings and Seminars! Here is a condo training opportunity just for you:

Wilsonville HOA Law Forum: The HOA Survival Safari, Saturday, October 24th, 2009 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Topics Include:

1) Review New 2009 HOA Legislation
2) Board of Directors: Sure Ways to Be Removed from the Board
3) Owner Meetings: Challenges and Myths
4) Enforcement Issues: Who, What, When and How Much
5) HOA Litigation Basics: How Not to Get Sued, Choosing Your
6) Battles, Alternative Dispute Resolution
7) HOA Hot Topics: Solar Panels, Clotheslines, Smoking,
8) Political Signs, Religious Symbols, Sex Offenders,
9) Towing, and Other Timely Issues
10) Wild Card Topic: Attendees’ Choice!

When: Saturday, October 24, 2009
: 8:30-9AM (coffee/juice)
Forum: 9-1PM
Continental breakfast / Afternoon refreshments
Where: Wilsonville Holiday Inn
Details: $30 pre-register$40 at the door
Dress Casual
For any other questions email:

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One response to “Oregon Condo Owners and Homeowner Association (HOA) Members: 10 Teachable Moments!”

  1. Cocomom says:

    Our HOA CC&Rs are very old and according to our Declaration will expire at the end of this year unless there is a 55% vote to extend them.
    ORS 94 Planned Community Act says it will take 75% to 'amend' the declaration unless our governing documents provide for a greater percentage. ORS 94 does not specifically address 'extending' the CC&Rs. There is confusion as to whether or not 'amend' includes 'extending'. We were going to have difficulty getting 55% to vote, let alone 75%!
    Anyone had experience with this situation?

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