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Oregon e-waste Law: Recycling Electronics


From the 4/11/08, Oregonian story by Joe Fitzgibbon, “New Oregon law hits ctrl-alt-del on e-waste,” (And local recyclers are listed further down this very long post!)

“Let’s say you’ve got your eye on a high-powered computer system. Or you’re making plans to spend that federal tax rebate on a new digital television.

The products look exciting, but you don’t want your used set or computer monitor to wind up in a landfill.

“The number of (electronics) recycling sites have certainly grown in the past few years, but some people still don’t know where to turn,” said Judie Miller, who supervises Metro’s recycling information program.

That will change when a new state law takes effect Jan. 1.

House Bill 2626 allows people to take their old desktop and portable computers, monitors and televisions to collection centers throughout the state for free recycling by licensed operators or manufacturers. By the following year, those electronics will be banned from all landfills in Oregon.

The legislation establishes the Oregon Electronics Recycling Program, a network of environmentally acceptable collection sites in every county and city with populations of more than 10,000. Individuals, small-business owners and nonprofits with 10 or fewer employees may drop off as many as seven electronic devices at a time for free.

At the heart of the bill is a radical shift from placing the recycling responsibility on the consumer, as with the bottle bill, to a new emphasis on the manufacturer or retailer.” (full story, here)

Factbox: “ Finding a recycler
Friday, April 11, 2008

Do you have outdated computer equipment, fax machines and printers? A television that’s collecting dust or old cell phones? Here are resources you can check out until the Oregon Electronics Recycling Program goes into effect Jan. 1.

Metro recycling information: 503-234-3000 or

DEQ Electronics Recycling Program: 503-229-5830 or

Free Geek: 1731 S.E. 10th Ave., 503-232-9350 or

Bear eCycling: 4532 S.E. 63rd Ave., 503-808-1265,

Far West Fibers Inc.: locations in Beaverton, Hillsboro, Northeast and Southeast Portland,

Earth Protection Services Inc.: 7272 S.W. Durham Road, Suite 100, Tigard, 503-620-2466 or

E-Tech Recycling: 5555 S.W. 107th Ave., Suite 103, Beaverton, 503-693-8939 or

Total Reclaim: 5805 N.E. Columbia Blvd., 503-281-1899 or

Simply Marvelous Computer Recycling Service: 3420 S.W. 247th Ave., Hillsboro, 503-626-4788 or

K.B. Recycling Inc.: 1600 S.E. Fourth Ave., Canby, 503-266-7903; 9602 S.E. Clackamas Road, Clackamas, 503-659-7004,

(from the Oregonlive Factbox for this article)

The Law:

HB 2626, Chapter 302, (2007 Laws): Effective date June 7, 2007 (but note different effective dates for individual sections):


SECTION 19. (1) Section 9 (1) of this 2007 Act applies to covered electronic devices sold by a retailer on or after January 1, 2009.
(2) The amendments to ORS 459.995 by section 16 of this 2007 Act apply to violations of section 9 (1) of this 2007 Act occurring on or after January 1, 2009.

(3) The amendments to ORS 459.247 and 459.995 by sections 15 and 17 of this 2007 Act become operative on January 1, 2010.

SECTION 20. The amendments to section 5 of this 2007 Act by section 6 of this 2007 Act become operative on January 1, 2010.

SECTION 21. This 2007 Act being necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health and safety, an emergency is declared to exist, and this 2007 Act takes effect on its passage.

Approved by the Governor June 7, 2007
Filed in the office of Secretary of State June 7, 2007
Effective date June 7, 2007

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