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Oregon law: What is the Difference Between Assault IV and Assault I


The Washington County (Oregon) Sheriff’s Office Newsletter always has at least one, and usually more, interesting (and even funny!) story. This latest issue includes this article:

What is the Difference Between Assault IV and Assault I: What do the numbers mean?

“People often hear that criminals are charged with Theft I or Theft III. Have you ever wondered what the different numbers mean after the charges? Or maybe you have heard that someone was charged with a Class A, B or C felony or misdemeanor. Both of these systems are ways of classifying the seriousness of the crime. Here’s a bit of info to help you remember what these designations mean.

Think of “I” (or “first degree”) as being “number one” in importance or seriousness. The same idea holds true of Class A, B or C Felonies and Misdemeanors. In school, an “A” is a higher grade than a “B.” So as to the importance and seriousness of a crime, an “A” is more serious than a “B” which is more serious than a “C.” This list tells you the maximum penalties for offenses.

Class A Misdemeanor: 1 year in Jail
Class B Misdemeanor: 6 months in Jail
Class C Misdemeanor: 30 days in Jail

Class A Felony: 20 years in Prison
Class B Felony: 10 years in Prison
Class C Felony: 5 years in Prison

To look up crimes against people, visit; for crimes against property, see See there, now you know!”

From the Washington County Sheriff’s Office Newsletter (Vol_5 Issue_4-April, 2008)

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2 responses to “Oregon law: What is the Difference Between Assault IV and Assault I”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I'am appualed by the way my daughter has been treated by the justice system in KFalls Oregon.
    She was a victim of domestic viloence. She as been treated as though she dosn't matter. This man almost killed her and he is going to walk with a misdemeaner assult charge while he has three other cases for other things against him. They have offered her no help. When she went to hospital no one showed up to help her menatally she is a mess know how do we stop the victim from being treated as though they did somethin wrong. I'am enraged.. It is so wrong..

  2. Anonymous says:

    We have the opposite problem. A female roommate of a friend attacked my kid and slammed him into a wall to stop him from leaving in the midst of a verbal argument. He just turned 18 and has never been in any kind of trouble. He defended himself by telling her to get away from him several times and after being slammed repeatedly, he punched her. She proceeded to pull him down by his hair and then the fight was broken up. She walked away scott free, but he's up for an assault 4 which could be 1-5 yrs, due to the fact that it's a class c felony because her kids were in the house… wth…? This kid is big, but generally about as violent as a field mouse. He doesn't deserve this… 🙁

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