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Oregon Election, May 18, 2010


I don’t mean to depress you, but it’s almost Election Time again. Oh boy. May elections are primaries, with the usual array of ballot measures, so check in with your county’s election office (e.g. Washington County May 18, 2010 Voter Pamphlet).

You can also see info on statewide candidates and measures: visit the Oregon Elections Division.

Measure 68 and Measure 69 will be on the ballot.

The November 2010 election may prove to be more exciting than the May election, though “exciting” is not a threshold for voting. The right to vote is one that is fought for with blood, even if one drifts off while reading the ballot.

Primaries are important too, so vote. If you vote then you can complain. If you don’t vote, no one wants to hear you complain.

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