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Oregon Traffic Law: Research Your Way Out of a Speed Trap


Another story (see the 4/16/10 one about the erroneous safety corridor designation) about a driver who does the research – and finds out that posted speed limit has been wrong since 1980.

Oregonian story: “Driver fights her way out of Milwaukie speed trap”, April 18, 2010:

Excerpt: “…Miles said she couldn’t believe she was going much faster than 35 mph, and she was right. The citation said she was doing 37. But what really caught her eye was the posted speed listed on the ticket — 25 mph. Miles had never noticed that the stretch of King Road between 44th and 53rd avenues was posted as 25 mph.

At her first court date, she became suspicious when others were there for speeding tickets in the same area. She went home, did some research and discovered the city had posted the wrong speed limit signs in that section since 1980.

The city eventually found Miles guilty of speeding but issued no fine. Miles, however, wasn’t satisfied and appealed the ruling to Clackamas County Circuit Court…..” (Link to full story or Google: Oregonian milwaukie speed trap)

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