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Oregon Equine Law (Horses, horses, horses)


A lot of us don’t think of Oregon as horse-country, but it is! Notwithstanding the fantasies (though, not mine – I’m more a chill out on the deck with a tall drink sort of person) of riding barebacked on the Oregon coast (still the People’s Coast from North to South), there is plenty of legal work for horse lawyers, aka equine lawyers.

If you need a “horse lawyer” you can contact the Oregon State Bar Information and Referral Service and ask for one. While you’re waiting for that first appointment, read a little about equine law: University of Vermont Equine Law website.

You might notice that horse law requires knowledge of civil procedure, contracts, sales, torts, bankruptcy, debtor-creditor law, and more! There can also multi-state disputes so the attorneys need to be knowledgable about other states’ laws and procedures.


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