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Oregon Followers of Christ: a brief research guide


If you have been reading about the arrests and trials of members of the Oregon Followers of Christ, you might be curious about the religion and about faith-healing generally.

There is some, though not a lot, of information available online, in the “mainstream web” (also known as the “I looked it up on the Internet” search method).

I did not include here results from a thorough literature search. Additional information can be gleaned by searching the deep web, and news, magazine, and subject-specific databases at your local public library.

But here are a few articles to get you started:

1) “Faith Healing And Criminal Liability In Oregon, by Kristin Ware,” Oregon Child Advocacy Project Fellow, February 2010

2) Book: Shawn Peters, “When prayer fails: Faith healing, children and the law” Oxford University Press, (2007)

3) Wikipedia, Followers of Christ (related topic: Faith Healing)

3) OPB Think Out Loud program: Of Prayer and Penicillin, Airdate: April 2, 2008: You can download the program from this website and link to additional reading. (The MP3 download works, but I couldn’t listen online. The “Show Archives” tab doesn’t work either, but you can go to the OPB On Demand webpage for links to archives.)

4) Faith-healing a First Amendment dilemma, by Robert M. Bernstein, First Amendment Center religious-liberty fellow, 03.24.10

5 ) All About God (and faith healing)

6) You can also search for more books and news stories using the usual search engine and bookstore suspects.

Note: I did not find any entries for the Followers of Christ in the following online directories, but these are only a small sampling of the religion education websites that exist:

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BBC Religions of the World

MSU Study of Religions website

UVA Religious Movements website

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