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Oregon Food Handlers Manual, Not Just for Food Servers


The Oregon Food Handlers Manual is not just for food-handlers. It’s for people who eat or buy food. Could this mean you?

1) If you eat in restaurants or at grocery stores, farmers’ markets, food carts, hospitals, country fairs, lemonade stands, fund-raising events, or just about anywhere else you buy food, you might be interested in how Oregonians are protected from food-borne illnesses.

2) Even if you don’t sell or serve food, if you EAT food, you might find the Food Handlers Manual interesting, along with the Oregon Food Safety website. (And for extra credit, you can read about Alcohol Server Education.)

3) More about Oregon food law and food recalls, nationwide.

Now, if only public hand washing stations were as ubiquitous as Benson Bubblers! (See also this Benson Bubbler FAQ.) If a nasty flu returns, remember I told you so.

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