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Oregon Foreclosure Legal Reference Questions


Legal Research Tip: When doing your research, remember, keep notes on who you talked to and when (even what time!), what was said, what website, book, or brochure you looked at, who you want to contact next, etc.

And away we go:


1) My previous blog postings on foreclosure here and here (with the sub-prime primer) or on developers/builders going under.

2) Your local public library (books and online information)

3) Nolo Press, Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Blog (with links to their webpage)

4) Oregon State Bar (OSB) foreclosure brochure

5) HUD and HOPE for homeowners

6) Avoiding Foreclosure in Oregon (from HUD)


1) Your mortgage lender.

2) Your bank.

3) Your credit union.

4) Your employer (e.g. if your employer has a employee assistance program)

5) Local nonprofit or government housing offices, e.g. Open Door Counseling Center in Hillsboro. Use the following Community Action guide (click on Resource Database and search the word foreclosure) to help you find other foreclosure service organizations in the Washington County / Portland metro area. (They have a super print directory too, with copies in most public libraries.) Check in your own city/county for similar directories to nonprofit and social service and community organizations.

6) Your mother (no – wait, strike that – you should be making sure she is safe in her own home!)

7) U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has lots of information at the HUD website (also in Spanish) and lists of local contacts at their Find a Housing Counselor site. And the one I also listed above: Avoiding Foreclosure in Oregon (from HUD)

8) Oregon Attorney General’s office


1) Oregon State Bar (OSB) Information and Referral Service (and their brochure on Foreclosure)

2) Legal Aid Services of Oregon (LASO)

3) How to Find a Lawyer in Oregon guide


Single family homeowners aren’t the only ones with foreclosure woes. Condo owners and condo boards are having to face serious foreclosure-related financial and legal issues. Anyone living in a condo, as an owner and especially if also a board member, will want to review the condo’s bylaws, in addition to learning about foreclosure laws and procedures (and consulting a lawyer asap if danger looms).

Feel free to leave a Comment if you have other suggestions and leads!

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