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Mailed Oregon Election Ballots MAY Require 59 Cents Postage!


UPDATE: Read Kama’s Comment below: NOT ALL of us have really heavy election ballots requiring extra postage!

You ballot is heavy and MAY require more than a 41 cent stamp!

Here’s an excerpt from the Register-Guard story, One stamp isn’t enough Long ballot needs 59 cents of postage, Oct 21, 2008 09:12AM

Lane County elections chief Annette Newingham thinks voters shouldn’t have to put stamps on mail-in ballots in federal elections. It’s a great idea. Free postage would spare Newingham and voters the headache that might come their way if too few people realize that their ballots weigh too much to be mailed with a single first-class stamp.

This year’s general election ballots weigh a little more than one ounce. That means they require 59 cents of postage, not the 42 cents that is enough for most first-class mail. Ballots with a single first-class stamp could be returned to voters marked “insufficient postage…” (link to full story)

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