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Oregon Foreclosures


Now if only we could stop looking to Congress to come to our rescue (Congress? To the rescue? Good grief!) from the stock market fearmongers and foreclosure doomsayers (and yes, Congress does have a role in fixing some problems, but so do we!) — but let’s also keep moving along with a little education and self-help of our own:

In my previous post on foreclosures in Oregon, I mentioned that the Oregon State Bar (OSB) was about to release two new Legal Links programs. They are out now – yeah! – and you can view them online – no TV required (Yeah! Feb 2009 is fast approaching and my 23 year-old TV is toastwhat a recycling/landfill nightmare that’s all going to be in March 2009).

From the OSB public service webpages:

The Oregon State Bar presents Legallinks TV, television programs designed to educate the public on important legal topics and issues. Episodes air on cable channels across Oregon (see below for a list) and are also available by streaming video from this web page


Preventing Foreclosure (October 2008)
Discusses strategies for preventing foreclosure in an unstable economic climate.

Dealing with Foreclosure (March 2008)
Discusses the foreclosure process and gives guidance on how to navigate the environment.”

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