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Oregon General Assembly (Legislature) Special Sessions: a Brief Civics Lesson


If you need a quick answer to an Oregon Special Session question, pick up the phone and call your legislator (from the Find Your Legislator form) or the State Legislature’s switchboard (800-332-2313) or call or email a legislative librarian at the State Library of Oregon.

Current Oregon Legislative (General Assembly) Special Session information can be found via the Oregon Legislature’s homepage.

Historic Special Sessions (From the Secretary of State Blue Book (from 1860 to 1-2 years ago).)

The Laws of Special Sessions and the Oregon Legislature, generally:

Oregon Revised Statutes (e.g. search “special session”)

Oregon Senate Rules (from the Secretary of the Senate website)

Oregon House Rules (from the Office of the Chief Clerk)

Reports and other Legislative Publications

Oregon Blue Book (published annually, so you will have to do a little extra research if you want info since the last update). The Blue Book is a treasure trove of Oregon government information!

Don’t forget the Citizen Engagement pages, which you can link to from the Oregon Legislature’s website. Many things to learn today: Types of Measures, a Glossary of Terms, How to Testify, and much more.

See also Wikipedia: Oregon Legislative Assembly

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