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Oregon Graywater Use Laws


Did you know that there are laws about the use of greywater”? (Graywater is wastewater collected from bathtubs, showers, bathroom sinks, and washing machines for reuse.)

Read the latest Oregon Building Codes Division (BCD) April 18, 2012 news release:, which has links to additional graywater information:

Homeowners, businesses have options for graywater use: Oregonians can now reuse graywater both inside (for flushing toilets) and outside (for watering landscaping) a home or building….” [Link to DCB news releases.]

The Oregon Building Codes Division (BCD) has an email notification service that some of you might find useful. Their homepage is full of other treasures, so scan it from top to bottom, right to left.

P.S. Yes, you can spell gray water: grey water, graywater, or greywater

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